Saturday, May 8, 2010

warm weather hair secret.

Today, I felt like sharing one of my favorite ways to wear my hair these days. In warm weather, the last thing I want to do is wear my hair down, or put hot tools to it. It's much more of a look I go for when I'm in a rush or in the mood for something easy and out of my face. I'm sure many of you ladies know how to achieve this hairstyle, but if you don't... I'll give you some pointers. Like I mentioned before though, it's extremely easy! All you need are some regular bobby pins, twist bobby pins, or if you are going for a more creative look... find some cute ones with jewels or sparkles on it.

All three would do:

This is the hair style I am talking about today.

It is very much like a regular twist bun, but it lies more flat on the back of your head. This is a great look if you have a beret that you'd like to wear as well. It keeps your hair up and away from your face, but it doesn't give you that funky bump in the back that a regular bun would.

So, the first step would be to obviously have clean hair. You can do this look with wet or dry hair, but I'm just going to assume you're working with dry hair here. Basically all you do is pull your hair back into a ponytail without securing it with anything, and loosely twist your hair til you get to the end. Swirl it around in a clockwise or counter-clockwise (whichever you prefer!) and make sure it's sitting pretty flat on your head. Obviously everyone has different types of hair so you just got to work with what you have :) After that, start securing the outsides of the twisted bun with bobby pins and where you feel like loose hair may come undone. I usually use anywhere from 5-10 bobby pins. It doesn't take very many for me, but I don't have extremely thick hair. Sometimes I put a few in the middle or even crossing a couple for an extra hold. It's really up to you as far as the bobby pins go, just try and keep them as hidden as you can so you don't have a million on the back of your head.

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