Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a new wanting of mine.

i am officially on a hunt for a light pink blazer... one exactly like this:

In addition to that: I'm so mad at myself, Coach had this amazing wristlet... and it is now out of stock and not being sold. I should have made my move while I had the chance :( For anyone who already has this, I am severely jealous of you.

damn you finances, damn you.

On a lighter note.... Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

any reviews?

Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture Perfume

Juicy Couture knows exactly how to target their viewer. I'm obsessed with this advertisement! The bottle of the perfume is absolutely stunning as well. Anyways, onto the point. Does anyone have this perfume or know anything about it? I'm considering the possibility of purchasing it... but I haven't made my way to sephora to smell it yet. Any takers? :) Any reviews on the product would be greatly appreciated! Just leave a comment below. Thank you ladies!

Can you say, adorable?

i'm back!

Wow, I cannot believe how much time I let slip by. I haven't been blogging or checking back on fellow bloggers in quite a while, my sincere apologies! I have been extremely busy between moving to a new state, starting up school again, and scoring myself a new job! With that said, I definitely plan on getting back into blogging and putting my tips, tricks, and advice out there to the world. So get ready for that! :)

As the fall season is upon us, it is time to shift gears! Not only is school back in session, but the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors, the weather is cooling down a bit, and starbucks is back to offering those delicious pumpkin spice lattes that everyone loves so much! So put away those bikinis and tanning lotions... and whip out your colorful scarves, those tall boots that go with everything, and all the amazing fashion pieces that you get to play up this season!

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about this time of year is the fall colors that go beautifully with your outfits. One thing I am crazy about this season is neutrals. There is nothing better than a oversized boyfriend tee in a neutral shade, pair it with some skinny jeans, a scarf, and some boots. A-dor-able!

In addition to this outfit, it's getting a little cooler outside or your planning on going out at night... one of my obsessions right now is leather! I don't know if your following this trend or not but I am completely in love with it. A semi-fitted black or brown leather jacket is a must have for this season. It adds a little bit of edge to your outfit without being too overpowering. From runway, to celebrities, to on the street... it's a hot fashion trend!