Sunday, May 30, 2010

i better get crackin.

Summer Bucket-List

keep in touch with all my college friends here
continue eating healthier foods
stay fit; whether it be swimming, running, or even brisk walking 3-4 times a week
find a house and make it a done deal
make up for lost time with all my close friends from back home
take a ton of pictures
attend at least two concerts
go camping with some girlfriends at least once
do something nice for a stranger everyday
get back that california tan that i miss oh so much
do something different with my hair... maybe add a little blonde again
go on a hike out in the mountains
spend some quality time with my family
buy an iphone... the new one preferably
go on multiple road trips to anywhere sunny and warm
talk to my boyfriend everyday (we'll be apart for a good, month and a half)
continue trying new foods
get a bicycle
go hotel pool hopping
have picnics at the beach
eat less bread
blog at least once a day
do something for a cause
attend every event that i am invited to
go big for my 21st birthday :)
spend as much time as i possibly can with my two best friends
stay positive; no matter what happens

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