Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tag - What I am Using.


Shampoo: Loreal Ever Strong Reconstructing Shampoo.

Conditioner: Loreal Ever Strong Reconstructing Conditioner. I've been highlighting my hair for about 4 years now... and my hair is unfortunately paying the price. I just recently dyed it back to my natural color - brunette! This shampoo and conditioner is an inexpensive way to regain that healthy hair! Also, added bonus... it smells amazing (rosemary mint) and it's sulfate free. Thumbs up for that.

Styling Products: I'm currently looking for a new heat protectent for when i straighten my hair, so if anyone has anything suggestions... feel free to leave a comment below! :) When i feel like going for a more natural messy beachy sort of feel, I add in a little Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Style Mousse, and it seems to do the trick. Holds curl well, not crunchy feel.

Hair Mask: I'm tempted to try Christophe Beverly Hills Restorative Hair Mask. My room mate tried it out and she loved it!


Shower Gel: Softsoap Nutri-Serums body wash (The pink kind) Don't let the great price of this product let you assume that it's total crap. It's actually an amazing basic body wash. It's got an amazing fresh and clean scent and it is restoring Vitamin E and Moisture Retaining with Omegas 3 & 6 back into your skin.

Body Moisturizer: Olay Quench.

Deodorant: Secret Clinical Strength. I'm not a super sweaty person at all, but I LOVE this deodorant. I've tried going to other kinds (this stuff is a little pricey, compared to the 4 dollar deodorants) but I always end up going back to this one. It's awesome! Not only does it smell good and last all day but I don't sweat even a little bit when wearing this.

Fake tan: I haven't used any sort of fake tan products for a while. Dove's Energy Glow was my go-to when I did though. Pretty sure it's discontinued :(


Face Moisturizer: Olay Active Hydrating (Amazing!)

Cleanser: St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Works like a charm.

Eye makeup remover: I'm horrible... I use dove soap. I really need to change that!

Exfoliator: None.


Primer: None.

Foundation: Revlons Photo Ready Foundation.

Concealer: Almay Clear Complexion

Powder: Physicians Formula - Mineral Wear.

Blusher: Need a new one!

Bronzer: Rimmel London - Natural Bronzer

Highlighter: I'm still on the hunt for the perfect highlighter.

Eyeshadow Base: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Eyeshadows: I've been using way too many different kinds! Usually all neutrals though.

Eyeliner: Revlon Color Stay (Liquid) and Rimmel Eye Pencil for tight/water line.

Eyelash Curler: Revlon.

Eyelash Base: I've never tried one.

Mascara: Maybelline's Lash Stiletto

Lipstick: If I'm wearing lipstick that day, it's most likely Revlon's Nude Attitude.

Lipgloss: Not a huge lip gloss fan. Call me crazy.

Nail Color: O.P.I "You don't know Jaques"

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