Wednesday, July 21, 2010

help wanted!

Okay, so I know that the point of this blog has been to try and help other gorgeous girls out there by giving my personal opinions on certain products that I've tried and little tips and tricks about fashion that I've learned along the way. I'm going to flip this around and ask YOU for some help. I'm turning 21 really soon, all the while my friend and i are throwing a big combined birthday thing to celebrate. I am asking for some advice on what you think I should wear, what styles of hair you would recommend, and last but certainly not least, makeup ideas! I'm going for something a little more bold than what I usually go for. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks ladies.

Theme of our party

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  1. Since you were born right at the end of the '80's you could do a '80's theme but more glamourous. So big hair, bright dresses, chunky bracelets, bright eye colors. Make sure YOU stand out. A tiara, or have everyone else dress in bright colors, and you wear either black or white...
    Whatever you do HAVE FUN!!! And make sure you post pics of your celebration!